/API integrations

We have extensive experience and knowledge in API/XML integrations with a wide range of systems. Connecting different systems helps to speed up daily processes and reduce the likelihood of human error.

integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX (AXAPTA)

We perform API integrations with the business management system Microsoft Dynamics AX (often referred to as “Axapta”).

integration with Dokobit

We perform API integrations with the document signing platform Dokobit.

integration with electronic government gateways

We have experience in the integration of various systems with electronic government gateways.

integration with the sports data platform Genius Sports

integration with sales management software Pipedrive

integration with the sports data platform Synergy Sports

/integrations with various systems

These are just a few examples of integrations with other applications. We can integrate with any application/system that has an API or the ability to transfer information in XML, CSV or different standard and non-standard formats.

/API development

We can not only integrate but also create APIs to pass your data to mobile applications, vendors or other internal systems.

/let’s talk about the integration you’re interested in.


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